Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One last thing: recommended places to visit in Beijing!


Beijing City Planning Exhibition- not on the most frequented museum, but definitely one of Beijing's finest. Located next to Qianmen (前门), the highlight is the fourth floor which is covered by a detailed miniture model of Beijing.

The National Museum- Located next to Tiananmen Square, the National Museum just opened this year after years of construction. The lines are long, but if you decide to spare the 10kuai (which I recommend) to buy your tickets at the north entrance as oppose to waiting in the “free ticket” line (which can take an hour) you can get in really fast. The exhibit to see is 复兴之路 which recounts modern Chinese historical narrative from the Chinese perspective.

Other things to do:

Tiananmen Flag Rise

Panjiayuan (and if you wear glasses, visit glasses city-- four floors of high quality glasses at very discounted prices!)

Great Wall sections not to be missed: 金山岭(jinshanling), 水长城(Water Great Wall), and 黄花长城(Huanghua Great Wall)。
Jinshanling is a very mild hike (no strenous climbing is necessary) with lots of fun forts and posts. There is a very steep, unkept climb at the end thatn. It's also a pretty beautiful section of the Wall (for more pictures refer to previous post)

Picture taken at the steep section

Water Great Wall and Huanghua Great Wall are located very close to each other, and with the names being frequently interexchanged, you might find yourself at one while intending to find the other. Either way, both great wall sections are considered 'wild sections' and are located along winding water.


The dam

Underneath the dam

the appearance of the great wall sinking under water, hence the name


Melissa (another Yalie in JE), my aunt and I

Melissa and I brushing up on our kungfu skillz

Melissa lol

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