Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow day! made possible by the Beijing government's man induced snowfall!

Today, I woke up to...SNOW! Not surprisingly, I decided to ditch work to go explore. Unfortunately, all my neighbors/friends were still sleeping off a long night of partying. I too stayed up till 3:00 watching Inception with some peeps, but I woke up at 8:30 regardless.
The opportunity to see Beijing beautified by snow was too good to pass up, so I ventured out by myself. Along the way, I made friends with a few new people, including a security guard at Gulou (one of the fortresses), some dudes playing in the snow, and some people building an awesome snowbunny! I too built a snowbunny for my mom whose zodiac is a rabbit. Happy Year of the Rabbit mom! :)


1 bicycle + a line of cars = Beijing's current traffic problem. Private cars suck. I hope I never get one!

Bell tower

Opposite of the Bell tower was the Drum tower.

View of hutongs from the top

My snowbunny!

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